Class Descriptions:


All-levels Vinyasa:  This class is focuses around breath-led movement.  Alternative poses are often given for more challenging positions so that the practice can be modified for many levels. Beginners will have the space to familiarize themselves with the practice and are encouraged to modify and rest when needed, while more advanced practitioners will be able to find ways to challenge themselves and build strength.

Functional Flow: An all-levels class focusing on anatomy and structural strengthening. Flowing movements linked with breath but with an emphasis on precision and stability. Great for beginners.

Golden Hour Vinyasa: An afternoon hour of guided practice incorporating breath, Vinyasa flow, and focus to inspire your capacity to move.

Meditation: a somatic or body-centered meditation practice that it is grounded in our natural ability to access, with curiosity, the feeling awareness of the body as a threshold to the inherent awakeness and intuitive aliveness ever-present as the body itself.  Soothing to the body and mind and grounding to the nervous system.  This form of meditation requires no previous meditation background.

Mindfulness Flow:  This class emphasizes awareness, alignment, and breath to provide a safe and stable environment for her students to explore both movement and stillness. This moderately-paced class is especially welcoming to those with particular limitations or beginners. 

Mid-Day Tonic:  This hour-long class is a grounded and focused way to build strength and flexibility into your day.  Often includes core work and functional movements to build stability in the body.  Appropriate for all levels including complete beginners.

Restorative Kundalini:  This class is a fusion of nourishing restorative poses and Kundalini techniques and meditations to support increasing vitality gradually, building energy in our system, and circulating that energy.   Practices include movement, chanting, breathwork, meditation techniques, deep relaxation, and gong meditation.  You do not need prior Yoga experience to enjoy this class.

Slow and Strong: Take your time in this beautifully paced practice, that allows the body to slowly acquaint itself with itself. An emphasis is placed on feeling your way through the body. The body warms up through longer holds and is followed by a counter pose to offer relief. A toned down version of Vinyasa with focus on building internal strength and awareness.

Vinyasa Flow:  Faster-paced class focused around breath-led movement. Builds heat and strength! Beginners have the option to rest when needed as less time is taken explaining poses and finding alignment than in other classes.