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Moon Salutation Workshop with Suzanne

(There are only a few spots left in this class). Please arrive early on Friday to ensure a spot in the class.)

Led by Suzanne Dunning

This class will teach you a calming sequence that you can practice to honor the feminine qualities of the moon within you. Through chanting, movement and restorative poses we will enter the doorway of delighting in our bodies.

This candle-lit class will be oriented around the three lowest chakras in the body and organized into a lunar flow sequence. After the lunar flow we will move into deeply restorative poses- aimed at helping you re-charge.  Only when we are relaxed and embodied can we feel the true spark of authentic aliveness that is our soul speaking.  This class is aimed at helping you go within and ignite your relationship with that spark.

As we enter the introspective darkness of winter we also enter an ideal time to invite in a relationship to our Divine Feminine.  The yoga tradition, like most spiritual traditions, is fundamentally solar-centric, which links us to the Divine Masculine- inspiring non-attachment, equanimity and stillness (which is empowering and necessary- don't get me wrong!).  Equally necessary to our growth, however, is the development of its counterpart- the Divine Feminine.

This class is free for teenage girls- ages 12-18.
(And note: While the Divine Feminine is equally existent and missing in all of us, this class is only for women or those who identify as women.)

Please email Suzanne if you're curious but have questions:

The class is $25


Earlier Event: August 23
Active Hope: (rescheduled!!!)