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Yoga for the Complete Absolute Total Beginner

If you know yoga would be good for you, but don't know how to begin because the  whole "yoga thing" can be completely daunting- then this event is for you. 

Yoga fundamentally benefits the weak, inflexible, imbalanced, unfit, and injured parts of us. Even though yoga feels awkward for all of us at first- it feels amazing pretty quickly. Yoga helps with everything- from joint ease of movement to overall happiness. But knowing how to begin- even just what to wear (no, you are not required to wear tight pants!) can be overwhelming. This class will give you a complete introduction to yoga- and you'll never look back.

  • Learn how to effectively do some of the fundamental poses.
  • Understand some key ways to prevent injury in a yoga class.
  • Learn how to breath so that your yoga practice benefits your nervous system and lowers your stress level.
  • Understand how to cater a yoga class to your level so that you leave with more energy then you entered the class with.

This is a free class taught by Suzanne Dunning. She has been teaching for 10 years and loves sharing yoga with people (especially people who think they don't like yoga).

Please email Suzanne with any questions-

See you soon!

Later Event: August 23
Active Hope: (rescheduled!!!)