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Shakti Sessions: Full-moon flow


"In the Full Moon Sessions, we gather in a spirit of Celebration.  Ready to Release.  To give Voice and Play to the Energy and Impulses that are moving through our Bodies, Hearts & Minds right now.  
Each month, we invoke the Energy of a particular facet of Shakti - this Divine Feminine Creative Impulse - said to be the moving Force behind , well, Everything.  

We begin with Restorative postures to help us ground in.  Followed by chanting and gentle, guided imagery & movement to help awaken and drop into the Circle - enliven the breath and this collective Space.

From there, we journey into free-form, impulse-driven Movement - held by the Container of Intention & an absolutely fantastic playlist.  Sealed with a sweet, sound-bath, essential-oil infused Savasana & a sweet Creative Ritual to help us carry the gifts of this practice back out into the World.

This month, we are journeying with the Archetype of the Goddess Annapurna - who calls us to our Fullness.  We will explore the senses as a way to tune into and care for ourselves.  Themes of Sweetness, Nourishment & the power of Pleasure & Delight shall be explored.  

Welcome to the Circle."   -Amy and Danielle


No mats needed. Just an open heart and mind.

We look forward to seeing you there.



Saturday, February 11

7:00-9:00 pm 



Cash or Check at the door or pay with paypal (adds 2.9%)