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Sun Salutation Alignment Workshop

with Suzanne Dunning

February 28th

3:00- 5:30

Sun Salutations are an ancient set of postures created with the intent of honoring our source of life- the sun, and which when done with reverence and intention, are deeply grounding for the soul.  Physically they can bring great physical health- improving circulation, digestion, spinal health, neurological health (basically everything).  In addition they warm up the body for deeper yoga poses and build strength and stamina. 

These practices are traditionally done at the rate of one breath per movement, which doesn't leave much room for alignment instruction! When done improperly 'vinyasas' (the alternate name for sun salutations) can become injurious.

In this afternoon workshop Suzanne will break down the Vinyasa yoga alignment principles- answering questions, adjusting alignment, and explaining the principles.  This will give you the confidence to practice Sun Salutations safely and vibrantly so that your practice thrives.

All levels welcome. Space is limited.


Online registration has ended. There may still be a spot in the class for you. If you're interested call or email Suzanne at (707)630-3413/