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Spring Sādhanā with Suzanne

Friday mornings: 7:00 - 9:00

March 18th-April 8th

with Suzanne Dunning

$80 (pre-registration is required)

Begin spring by grounding into your strength. This is a committed four-week period in which to deepen your practice as well as begin (or continue!) a home yoga practice.  Through movement, chanting, breath, and guided forms of meditation we will create the empowering container of practice that leads to healing.

Creating this sacred morning practice will help you step into your power and live a more authentic and directed life.  Setting periods of increased intensity for the practice help it grow and thrive.

Establishing a home practice is in many ways so much harder to establish than going to a class. Its easier to get discouraged and distracted. It takes tremendous discipline and self-forgiveness. However, once you have a home practice it will make you more sensitive to your body's needs so you're less likely to hurt yourself in a class. Additionally, it will give you a sense of empowerment and self-resiliency that can't be gained in any yoga class.

This class is not best suited for complete beginners.

Please email Suzanne with questions-


Sādhanā : "a means of accomplishing something", 1. is an ego-transcending spiritual practice. 2. It includes a variety of disciplines in order to achieve various spiritual or ritual objectives.