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Nurturing Your Nature: A Blend of YIN for All that YANG

Led by Danielle Donaldson

Sunday, March 6th

1:00 - 4:00

Replenish the depths of your wellspring with the benefits of Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra. Yin Yoga utilizes slow-paced movement, conscious breathing, and sustained stillness. We'll explore long-held postures to promote flexibility, increase circulation and develop an increased range of motion in the connective tissues of the body. This practice of active Quiet Pausing deepens our ability to listen to the whisperings of our bodies' telling wisdom. The workshop will conclude with Yoga Nidra; lucid sleep. Through guided body scanning and awareness of sensation, we'll descend through the states of deepest relaxation to the threshold between sleep and wakefulness.

Dress in warm, comfortable clothes that you can move and relax in; socks are nice. 

Consider bringing your favorite pillow.

Open and accessible to all. 


Space is limited. Register online or by cash or check by emailing

Danielle Donaldson:

Danielle endeavors to live in a world where kindness reigns supreme. Since 2006, she's co-created vibrant community rooted in Humboldt and now she's exploring the lessons in fortitude that the Colorado mountains offer. Danielle's nurturing, loving-kindness weaves through all threads of her work: restorative and activating yoga, conscious breath-work and mindfulness meditation, whole food nourishment support, and birth and postpartum doula care.  She empowers courageous, purposeful living and welcomes All.

MetaKind: Empowerment Practices ~ Breathe*Move*Meditate*Nourish*Rest

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