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Tea Meditation- Free event


Tea Meditation

by Watershed Teas

Immerse your senses in the grounding ritual of tea.  Learn how a tea ritual can help cultivate a centered lifestyle in this afternoon event. All are welcome.

Sunday, March 20th, 2:00-3:00



Watershed Teas is dedicated to bringing together tea, art and friends.  Hailing from the lush hills and lowlands of Northern California, we are inspired by our surroundings.  Tea too grows in the mountains where abundant rains and mist feed growing leaves.  The making of tea is the pouring of water: from one place to next it flows, kettle to pot, pot to pitcher, pitcher to cup.  Just as the hills and valleys gather the water towards the ocean, we aim to gather the people who appreciate a simple life and bring them together over a cup of tea.  

Founded in 2015, by Steven Dugger, an International Tea Master's Association certified Tea Sommelier. Steven has been a life long tea drinker.  He gave his first presentation on tea brewing at 13 years old.  He has spent the 20 years since learning the ways of food and tea, teaching tea classes, and conducting tea tasting events.  

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Hope to see you there!