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Shakti Sessions: Women's New Moon Circle


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This new moon falls just before Dia de los Muertos and Halloween- a time when many cultures say the veil is thin between worlds and magic is all around us. On this new moon evening we will honor our ancestors, spirits and anyone who has passed on- placing ourselves in the context of deep time as a means of seeing the bigger picture of our life. 

The new moon is always a time to seek clarity and adjust our internal compass.  Through asana and breath we go inward to quiet the mind. Then with the questions and insights that percolate to the surface of our psyche we set an intention for our month. 

This new moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio holds the power of the water element with its emotionally penetrating receptivity and capacity for depth and magnetism.

"Scorpio embodies the cycle of transformation and her magic medicine teaches us how to shed outmoded forms of being in order to rise to new heights.    - Patricia Liles

Each cycle of the moon offers the chance to begin again; to get clear on why we are here and what matters most in our life. We begin by coming into our body- the fertile ground of the feminine, through a balancing and restorative candle-lit yoga practice aimed at releasing tension. The yoga practice will be followed by an extra-long essential-oil infused savasana. Together, following savasana, we will help each other clarify our intentions for the upcoming moon, and then we will gather to set our intention for growth.

YOU MUST PREREGISTER FOR THIS evening- it fills quickly, so if you're planning to come sign up early.


What to bring:

  • Something for the alter: Anything from an ancestor or loved one who you'd like to commemorate and keep alive in your life. If you don't have physical items or photos of someone in particular perhaps just bring something that represents where your ancestors came from.  Or bring something that represents what you want to grow and cultivate in your life this month- a symbol of a project or a quality that you want to embody.
  • A journal and a pen: Something to take notes with at the end.

(image by MysticMamma)

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