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A Journey With Breath :: Rebirthing


Participate in a guided evening of conscious energy breathwork, also known as Rebirthing. This experience combines movement, led meditation and self inquiry all centering around a guided hour-long breath journey into the depths of the psyche.

Conscious energy breathwork can help unblock emotions held within the physical and emotional body and can allow awareness of previously unconscious self-limiting beliefs to surface.  It gives us the time and space to reflect on our deeper desires which can inspire and accelerate spiritual growth.  By integrating breathwork into our lives we gain the power to let go of what no longer serves us which yields a sense of fresh self-awareness and vision.

This experience is for anyone committed to their own evolution and healing. Some participants arrive with the feeling that he or she has nothing to "work on" and yet still experience extremely profound, life­-changing insights. Participants often leave feeling euphoric, peaceful, full of wonder and gratitude.

Please note: As this journey will be lying down, please bring a mat (if you have one),  and a pillow and/or blanket (optional- the studio also has blankets you can use).


If you would like to register but cannot pay with Paypal please email to arrange mailing a check or paying with cash.

About the facilitator:


After many years of traveling abroad gaining knowledge and experience in different healing arts, Jenna landed in Arcata with a passion to share breathwork with the community.  Jenna learned clarity breathwork from Ajhanna Solaris and Dana DeLong. 

"I see breathwork as our own personal psychotherapist. It allows us to really delve deeply within ourselves to find the root to our problems instead of looking outside of ourselves for healing­. It is the ultimate tool for self empowerment and freedom."

- Jenna

*artwork by Emma Kunz