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((( New Moon Circle ))) :: Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

with Suzanne Dunning

Bring yourself home to your dark inner depths- the landscape of the soul in this evening of feminine gathering.  This candle-lit class will guide you on a journey of progressive relaxation; beginning with gentle, supported poses that allow us to soften from the inside followed by a deep guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra).  This process brings our brain waves into an Alpha frequency- the state just above sleep- which has been proven to encourage creativity and help with depression, and which fundamentally brings us into contact with our wisdom selves.

This November new moon brings us into the watery depths of Scorpio. It encourages penetrating inquiry while inviting us into the state of receptivity.

"Scorpio embodies the cycle of transformation and her magic medicine teaches us how to shed outmoded forms of being in order to rise to new heights.    - Patricia Liles

Together, following Savasana, we will plant a seed for the upcoming month: our intention for growth as we begin our descent into the underworld of winter.


(Note:: Online payment has ended for this event. If you'd like to attend email to arrange paying by cash or check.)

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