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Women's New Moon Circle

(Note: This event is almost full so online registration has closed. Email if you'd like to attend and there may still be a spot. )

New Aries Fire Moon::

awakening our inner WILD Child


Each cycle of the moon offers the chance to begin again; to get clear on why we are here and what matters most in our life. We begin by coming into our body- the fertile ground of the feminine, through a balancing and restorative candle-lit yoga practice aimed at releasing tension. The yoga practice will be followed by an extra-long essential-oil infused savasana. Together, following savasana, we will help each other clarify our intentions for the upcoming moon, and then we will gather to set our intention for growth.

This new moon is in Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and it is also the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore this New Moon has extra significance for a fresh start.

“It’s a fire New Moon, since Aries is the Firestarter of the Zodiac.  Aries is the total bravery that leads to brand new beginnings.   - Molly Hall

The new moon is always a time to seek clarity and adjust our internal compass.  Through asana and breath we go inward to quiet the mind. Then with the questions and insights that percolate to the surface of our psyche we set an intention for our month. 

Sunday Evening, March 26th


Suzanne Dunning has been participating in and hosting moon circles for over a decade. She revels in the alchemical magic that arises when women connect in sacred space and share the wisdom of their hearts.

She is honored to hold space for women in these challenging and interesting times that we're living in and believes that we are strengthened by our interconnectedness with the earth and one another.