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Full Moon Women's Circle :: Reflection. Ritual. Rest.

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The presence of the feminine in community has both empowered and eased the souls of women for centuries. Join Jess Bell and Jess Trudeau as we step into this shifting tidal wave of seasons; honoring the bounty of autumn and begin to reflect on and absorb the tools we’ve acquired that will prepare and transition us toward the months of dwindling light ahead.

During this celebration of the full moon you will be guided through movement, expression of voice, and most of all celebration of community.

Please join us.


$20 by the 19th of October $25 after

Register here with PayPal or mail a check to PO Box 645 Arcata, CA 95518. Alternately you can pay in cash to either Jess if you see her at the studio.

Jess Trudeau began her path teaching yoga to groups of women in Mongolia while in the Peace Corps and was astounded by the universal nature behind women's propensity to gather and commune together. A nurturer, mother, and lover of sisters Jess thrives on the creative spark that manifests when women unite to witness, share, and hold space together. She feels honored to guide women toward their most intuitive selves and believes that until we shed light into our own souls, acknowledging both the light AND the dark, are we able to then lift others up. 


From a young age, Jess Bell remembers always having influential women in her life. Growing up with her mom's three sisters, a loving stepmother, female friends both older and younger, she feels her life is a reflection of womanly love and wisdom passed down from many. Creating a new home here in the redwoods, it became clear the desire for meaningful, supportive and nourishing women was calling. She is delighted to bring sisters together through an intentional and continual space at Tosha.