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Clothes Swap:: Swap Not Shop


This is an event to connect in good community and in good company. 

Do you have items in your closet you aren't particularly fond of anymore but think someone else might love?

  • Each guest may bring up to 10 items that are in quality condition. *Please limit to clothing & shoes only.

  • Items should also be in clean condition. 

There will be hangers and racks available for your items once you arrive. 

This is more than just getting together to rid your closet and take home some new threads. This is a mindful event to reflect on how we participate in fashion, understand where most "fast fashion" products are made and inspire a more conscious approach in our clothing purchases.  

  • The fashion industry is the second largest contributor to pollution, right behind the oil industry. 

  • If you pay very little for an item, the real truth is that someone else has also paid. Most often people in developing countries work inhumane hours in inhospitable conditions, earning almost nothing. 

This event is by donation. Part of the proceeds will go to Tosha Yoga and the remaining will be donated to People Tree, a pioneer in Fair Trade & environmentally sustainable fashion with both people and planet in mind.

*Registration required. Suggested donation $10 and up. 

***Space is limited. Up to 20 women max.


Jess is a yoga & meditation teacher, author, and an entrepreneur.

Over the past several years, moving around the country, simplifying her life, she sought refinement through the process of eliminating what no longer served her. 


Retail therapy was a means to fulfill a deep longing in her soul that she later realized was a call to create a more meaningful life connecting with and serving others. As she gradually gave away the bulk of her wardrobe, she began to look at apparel with more discernment; selecting pieces that would improve the quality of her life with a desire to improve the quality of the life of the worker who made it. 

A new and upcoming creation alongside her partner, Jacob, is De La Costa (Of The Coast), a quality and handmade clothing company partnering with Chilean women and the community in southern Chile. 

Her hope is to share what she continues learning and refining in a way that inspires others to seek a more conscious and honorable way of life. 

Later Event: November 22
Thanksgiving Flow