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Square One :: A 3-week series for beginners

Note: This series has begun but you can still sign up. If you would like to sign up for just the second two classes you can register below- we will focus on spine and legs and hips in the next two Sundays. Contact if you'd like to attend.

This series is designed to give you the knowledge to begin practicing yoga. It is for those with no experience and is aimed at helping you feel more comfortable and safe while attending a yoga class or while doing yoga at home on your own.

This class will be kept very small (under 10 people) to ensure enough time to answer questions and modify the practice for your particular body.

Each week we will break-down the basics of alignment regarding a different part of the body- Week 1- Shoulders, Week 2- Spine, Week 3- legs/hips. You'll learn the basic poses and how to navigate and modify a yoga class.

Sunday mornings from 8:15-9:30

  • Learn how to effectively do the basic poses with modifications for you body if necessary.
  • Understand some key ways to prevent injury in a yoga class.
  • Learn how to breath so that your yoga practice benefits your nervous system and lowers your stress level.
  • Understand how to cater a yoga class to your level so that you leave with more energy then you entered the class with.


Begin to befriend your body and enjoy the process of living by building yoga into your weekly routine!


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This series will be taught by Suzanne Dunning who has been teaching for well over a decade and loves sharing yoga with people (especially people who think they can't do yoga). She is passionate about helping people gain a greater ability to feel at home within themselves.

Please call 707 630 3413 or email with any questions or to arrange paying with cash or check.