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Down the Path :: Exploring Patanjali’s Yoga through the Journey of the Yamas with Amy Day

It isn't by getting out of the world that we become enlightened, but by getting into the world…by getting so tuned in that we can ride the waves of our existence and never get tossed because we become the waves.

― Ken Kesey


At this point, many of us are pretty well-versed in the physical side of yoga, and we may even have experienced some of what it feels like to be more at home, more at ease, and more empowered in our bodies and minds. But what would it feel like if we extended that ease, power, and potency into the fabric of our daily lives?


What does it mean to LIVE like a yogi - not just sweat like one?


How do we begin to embody ideas like "non-violence" and "non-attachment" and living our truth? How do we do the work of taking our practice off the mat and into the world?

Join yoga teacher, writer, mother, and activist Amy Day on an inquiry into the classical observances of Patanjali's yoga.  Patanjali's yoga is an important part of the historical fabric that stands behind what most of us practice today. Together, we will spend time excavating these concepts - through movement, breath, and discussion, plus tools to further practice and embody this work in our day-to-day lives. 

Leave this series with a deeper understanding and appreciation of this element of the rich lineage of yoga along with the inspiration and guidance to take this wealth of knowledge into your life. 

Sundays beginning October 13th - November 17th


About Amy Day: 

Amy, Sailor, Ed-58.jpg

Amy Day is a longtime yogi, writer, herbalist, mama & lover of all things healing & creative who believes in crafting practices and nurturing communities that support us inside THIS Life right now.  

She works with groups and individuals that are hungry for transformation using rituals and fostering relationships that liberate, activate  sustain us.

Through her work as a teacher, podcaster, healer, and storyteller she hopes to inspire us to use the mighty tools we possess to craft the type of world we wish to faltering & blessed step at a time.

You can find out more about her, and the work she does at her website.

 $140 for six weeks

$125 early-bird if you register before Sept. 24th

List of What to Bring:


Journal & Pen

Layers for warmth in seated meditation

Optional: Something symbolic to place upon our group-created altar - which represents some area of this life which are you working or aspiring to transform


Front Photo Credit: Lawrence Walters


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