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The Celtic Wheel :: Imbolc


Join Cathy and Suzanne for the 2nd celebration of the Celtic Wheel of the Year. This holy day honors the quickening in the belly of the earth, the arrival of spring, renewal and hope.

At Imbolc the ancient Celts prepared for the fire of life to return to the land. Energies can feel dimmed and our bodies fatigued art this time of year. This workshop will include a yoga sequence to expel the winter stoke our inner fire of vitality.  

We will honor Brigid the patron saint of healing, the home and the hearth through story and poetry. We will guide you in crafting  your own St Brigid's cross from rushes to take home. Traditionally these crosses are set over doorways and windows to protect the home from any kind of harm.


Workshop will include movement, meditation, ritual, story and yoga nidra. 

Tea and refreshments will be provided