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Unfurl :: A Bealtaine Celebration

Join Cathy to celebrate the joys and challenges of the arrival of summer.

The Celtic year is divided into two halves. Samhain marks the beginning of the dark half and Bealtaine celebrates the beginning of the light half or the greening of the land. The sun is shining and like the rest of nature we're being tenderly invited to bloom in our wholeness. 

The word Bealtaine means 'bright' or 'brilliant fire'. On the hill of Uisneach, the ‘naval of Ireland’, a meeting place of the provinces of Ireland, the Bealtaine fire is still lit every year, high on the hill. As the central fire of Uisneach rises, the flames announce that "Summer is here!" Fires are lit in communities across the land and the celebrations spread far and wide.

Bealtaine guides us to thrive again and let light into the parts of our life that have been kept secret, small or hidden. If we simply get out of the way, the sun's energies make life force available to flow through us without any manipulative effort. In this special afternoon workshop we will make time for regeneration down to a cellular level through Celtic wisdom, movement, pranayama, yoga nidra and creative journalling.

We'll leave feeling lighter and ignited with ideas and inspiration, fueled with long summer nights and at least the promise of sunny days. Our light will expand outward to affect our families, our colleagues and our communities. 

Saturday May 4th 2-4pm



Cathy is Irish and feels a deep pull toward sharing the wisdom of her Celtic ancestors and the poetry of her native language with her community here in Humboldt.

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