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Summer Strength Series

Summer is the time of year that glows, that radiates more heat, more energy. It’s an opportunity to utilize that energy and build heat within. The heat that comes from the friction of going against the grain of habit, of doing what’s easiest, of following the path of least resistance. 

We will meet two days a week- Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 til 8:00 to build functional and well-aligned strength to support a regular yoga practice.

Each morning session will be focused on slow, rhythmic movements to increase the heart-rate, as well as build core, shoulder, and leg strength.  The poses will be accessible for most levels (or modifiable) and will take into account the stiffness that's often present when practicing in the morning.

Rising early and practicing yoga connects us to the strength that comes from self discipline and invites us into heart-alignment with our life.


7:00-8:00 am

June 10th til July 31st



About B:: As a lifelong athlete and adrenaline junkie, B loves to go fast; but as someone who has suffered numerous injuries, she also understands that moving fast ALL the time is not sustainable. Yoga taught B how to slow down, create balance, and learn how to move again. From a background in athletics, physical therapy, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, B hopes to empower her students with the knowledge they need to develop a movement practice that is relevant to their body specifically. 

*photo collage by Gregory Ryan Klein