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Strength Embodied:: A Three-Week Series to Build Vibrancy

As we shake off the sluggish darkness of winter and move into the warmer months- life begins to speed up.  This process is invigorating but can become a struggle if we don't have enough strength and stability to juggle the changes.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, the excess stagnation, toxins, and heaviness that have accumulated over the winter months are a result of the kapha season; adjusting our daily habits and rituals to seasonal changes helps us maintain steadiness, and the best practices to minimize the heavy quality of kapha in the mind and body are to wake wake up earlier and get the body moving! 

We will meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday for three weeks from 7:00 til 7:45. Each day of the week will focus on strengthening a different part of the body- cycling between core, legs and arms. Overall we will be building functional strength which always incorporates the entire body.

Following practice there will be a 15 minute meditation which you are welcome to stay for or not.


Each morning session will be focused on rhythmic movements to increase the heart-rate- stimulating movement and cleansing of the blood, lymph and tissues as well as build core, shoulder, and leg strength.  The poses will be accessible for most levels (or modifiable) and will take into account the stiffness that's often present when practicing in the morning. 

Through the course of this invigorating tonic we will build deep, functional strength, stimulate our metabolism as well as our systems of detoxification- resetting our vitality and giving us a well of energy to carry us through the year with an increased stability and vigor.


(((This series is full)))- email to be placed on the waiting list.

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Suzanne Dunning is passionate about guiding people towards their inner strength. She sees how being physically strong can invite a connection to a deep, calm stability and contentment and she loves the process of watching students come alive when they tap into their inner vitality.