Tosha Yoga Teacher Training

<<< October 4th 2019 - April 11th 2020 >>>


The Tosha teacher training will guide you on the path of self-inquiry while challenging you to expand to your fullest, thriving radiance. The program will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make yoga an integral part of the rest of your life.

We will meet Friday mornings over the course of three different trimesters. The trimesters will be divided with breaks to allow space for the holidays and rest. Our training will be punctuated with an intensive weekend mid-way through the program as well as a weekend retreat together in the spring. You can expect to need about 8-12 additional hours outside of the designated class time for essays and journaling, reading, projects, and home practice each week.

Our primary focus will be Vinyasa yoga - a flowing sequence of specific poses coordinated with breath. But Vinyasa also refers to the cyclic nature of life in general-  the natural expansion and contraction or creation and destruction of life. Throughout the course we will learn to live the cycles of our life more whole-heartedly and with more grace. 

We will use a map of the subtle body to guide us through the course while devoting extensive time to exploring applied physical anatomy and biomechanics of breathing, spinal movement, and the limbs, and how all of these elements combine to create asana and our experience of yoga.


When the body is explored closely enough we see how some of the principle philosophies of yoga are actually mapped into our cells and reflected in our physiology. We will examine these principles more closely though some of the classical texts of yoga such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The coursework combines didactic and experiential modes of learning woven together to give you time to absorb the material.  It is a comprehensive and rigorous course demanding that you push yourself- and expecting excellence along the way. Students will be asked to engage deeply with the ideas, tools, asanas, and texts and to practice diligently and share with the group conscientiously.

Together we will hone the tools of curiosity, resilience, and compassion.


* * * * * * * * *

Throughout the course we will explore and practice the art and science of teaching yoga with our main areas of focus on:

  • How to teach meaningfully

  • How to hold space for a class of students

  • The principles of powerfully sequencing a yoga class

  • Tuning the instrument of the voice

  • Effective word choice

The course will not include simple teaching formulas. It will instead ask you to be present and responsive to life’s complexity.


Towards the end of the course we will turn our focus to some of the elements of the business of yoga such as marketing and finances- all coalescing to give you the knowledge to create a strong platform for a thriving business teaching yoga.

* * * * * * * * *

If you’re wanting to pursue a path of teaching yoga- this course is for you; It will prepare you for the challenges of beginning to teach and give you the tools for handling those challenges with confidence and steadiness. If, on the other hand, you’re simply wanting to deepen your knowledge and relationship with yoga so that every area of your life is more intentional and vibrant- this course is for you as well.

This teacher training is a journey towards deep self-recognition and empowerment using the tools of yoga. Its aim is to guide you in kindling your heart fire, finding your voice, and harnessing and surrendering to the powerful alchemy of breath.


<<<< Fridays from 9:00 - 4:30 >>>

  • First Trimester :: October 4th - November 22nd

    Intensive Weekend: November 15th - 17th

  • Second Trimester :: January 3rd - February 14th

    Retreat Weekend: February 21st - 23rd

  • Third Trimester :: March 6th- April 10th

    Closing Day : April 11th

  • Additional practicum teaching hours will occur Feb- April. These hours are flexible- either 4:00-5:15 pm Thursdays or Sundays 8:30-9:45 am.

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About Suzanne: The training is led by Tosha Yoga founder Suzanne Dunning.  Suzanne aims to share her unique compilation of the teachings of yoga within a reverent yet applicable context.  For more about Suzanne see her bio.

Drawing on the rich knowledge in our community the training will also be woven with teachings from guest lecturers.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Price: $3200

($300 discount by early bird date)

This includes all instruction, printed materials, unlimited classes at Tosha Yoga during the entire course, and the three day retreat. It also includes a private session with a staff Tosha Teacher. There are two partial scholarships available if funding is a major limiting factor.

A payment plan is available. Please note tuition does not include the cost of text books.

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The Application Process:

Relationship is fundamental to yoga- therefore priority acceptance into the program will be given to students who are already students of Suzanne's.

  • Attendance and completion of all assignments is necessary for successful graduation. Tosha withholds the right to grant certification only after careful consideration that the student is ready to teach.

  • The application process will begin March 19th and close June 24th.

    To apply:

    • 1.) Submit the following on-line application

    • 2.) Mail a 2-3 paragraph explanation of why you want to study and practice yoga and why you’re attracted to this training in particular. Please include three references and at least one letter of recommendation.

* * * * * * * * *


Reviews from graduates of the course:

“The growth and healing I experienced during the program was profound and continues to unfold in surprising and gratifying ways. The program was ambitious and unique, and in many ways, I feel like I got exactly what I hoped for and more out of a yoga teacher training program.” - Nina, graduate and yoga teacher

“This training made us all much better teachers (and humans).” - Emily, graduate and yoga teacher

“I am just beyond myself with gratitude for the training. It opened up windows into my soul that I didn’t even realize were boarded up. I am lighter and much more fearless.” -Kali, graduate and yoga teacher