"The idea for Tosha was sparked seven years ago when I first saw the space. I was there because my family had just rented it as a shared art studio. When I stepped inside my impulse was to spread my arms wide and leap into the air.

It wasn't until a year ago that I began the process of converting and renovating the space into a yoga studio.

The process was far more difficult than I had possibly imagined.

Through the periodic states of darkness and chaos that enveloped me, yoga was my greatest solace.  I fundamentally believe that by connecting us to our hearts yoga can bring us to levels of joy and brightness that our current minds can not possibly conceive of.  And perhaps most importantly, when we're really at the bottom, it can at least bring us to levels of peaceful contentment.

I am so grateful to have had the support of the endlessly creative and hardworking Brian and Lisa Finigan, the owners of the building, who seemed (often with a major amount of faith on their part) to believe in me immensely. I also had the support of my partner Jesse Sullivan who not only supported me along the entire way, but gave over six weeks of his love and labor to the space (we're talking construction here- all day, 7-days a week).  I am eternally grateful.  I also had the unlimited wise business advice and emotional support from my brother, David, whose ability to see the world clearly inspires me daily. 

Those of you who saw the flame behind this even when I barely could, thank you. Those of you who gave me pep-talks in the Co-op's produce section, thank you. Those of you who encouraged me with emails and warmth, thank you.

Thank you to my mother, who fundamentally believes in me and brought me little encouraging gifts all along the way.  Thank you to Stilson Snow for being a brilliant business adviser as well as an appropriately irreverent friend to laugh with in the heart of the unknowing. Thank you to Peggy Profant for being an inspiring and gracious colleague and friend. Thank you to Scarlet Ibis for forging the path of heart-centered small business ownership before me. Thank you to everyone who came and worked on the space- especially those of you who came in the dark periods where we were doing construction without any guarantee that the city would allow the studio to become a viable business.

And thank you to Sarah Atkins and Maggie Gurley for being my mysterious and magical angels.

I believe that the universe needs us to create beauty in the best way we know how and without any attachment to the outcome. There is no greater beauty than actions fueled by pure hope- occasions and opportunities that demand that we leap into the darkness and see what happens.

My hope is that Tosha will be a refuge....that you will find inspiration here....that you will find solace here, and in doing so, come to know your heart better."

Love and Light,


January 2015